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Trinity Lutheran Church is a family of believers chosen by God to build a foundation of hope, love, and peace through fellowship, sharing of talents and gifts, and education, in our church, community, and the world.
Pastor Lori Peper:

                    Pastor Lori comes to us having been blessed by faith, blessed by the Christian                     community, and now blessed to pass on the great story of God’s love for the world                     in the community of Amery. With passion for building a strong, healthy community                     of believers, her core ministry values are the Word, the World, Worship, and                     Welcome.

                    Pastor Lori finds rural Amery to be Wisconsin at it’s finest! The mother of 3 young                     adults, with only a couple of grand-dogs, she has been married to her husband                     Rick for a long time! You can contact her by email at: lori.peper@nuicparish.org,                     or leave a message by phone at (715) 268-9577.
2016 Trinity Lutheran Church Congregational Council
President:  Mike Swanson

Vice President:  Mark Erickson

​Secretary:  Annette Knutsen
Members:          Daniel Elmer

                           Sharon Elmer

                           Darrell Emerson

                           Jim Otis

1578 85th Avenue, Amery, Wisconsin    715-268-9577    office@trinitylutheranchurchofamery.com